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Dr cochran los algodones

The largest listing of dental services in Mexico. California's Dental Care. Alamo Dental Clinic. Dental Solutions.

Algodones Dental Care.

dr cochran los algodones

Desert Dental Care. Paulina Padilla. Dentallium Dental Solutions. Parra Implant Center. Noe Ana Ramirez. Rosario Pereda. Art of a Smile. Sonia Edeza. Prestige Dental Care.

Baja Dental. Escobedo Dental. Dra Janira Rodarte Alcalde. Dental Betel. Fine Quality Dental. Dra Cynthia Roscon Amador.

Hector Beltran. Clarissa Salazar. Best Dental Care. Krystal Sandoval. Dr Luis A Lopez Bojorquez. Marco Antonio Giraldo. Xochipilli Pilli Bojorquez. Elvia Hernandez. Simply Dental. Border Line Dental. Maria C. Dra Fabiola Castaneda. Eva Urena. Virginia Castro. Victor Valencia. Jose Chavez. Chip Dental Clinic.She created the company with her husband Jose Cochran in to offer excellent dental services to local and international patients. Jaqueline is a self-made businesswoman with vision and knowledge of business and marketing.

It was her decision to make crowns the specialty of the clinic, due to the demand for this type of restoration. Baja Dental is also known for implants, root canal treatments provided by a specialist, dental cleaning, dental surgery, and orthodontics treatment of misaligned teeth.

Being a businesswoman, Jaqueline Mendivil understands the importance of customer service. The moment a patient comes into the clinic, the staff welcomes him or her with water, sodas, and massage seats. She also has devised a simple, but effective, marketing strategy for attracting international patients: free tests and x-rays! Baja Dental also offers free local transportation for international patients. However, their most ambitious plan for international patients is still a couple of months away: free accommodations at a house provided by the clinic.

While not a dentist herself, Jaqueline is sensitive to the emotions and needs of patients in her clinic. She believes that repeat business is the best publicity. Her aim is for the patients of the clinic to come back when they have another dental need.

She accomplishes this by training dentists to recommend only treatments that are really needed and by keeping prices reasonable. Jaqueline is married and has two children.

One of them is 21 and studying dentistry. Her dream is very plausible since they have other relatives working at the clinic. For example, her nephew, Dr. Juan Cochran is one of the dentists at the clinic. Like any businessperson, Jaqueline invests a lot of her personal time in the clinic, even running errands for it in her free time on a regular basis. When she does have some free time of her own, she likes to go out dining with her family and traveling locally on weekends.There is nothing better than walking again from a our dental implants center of excellence in Los Algodones with the smile of your dreams and without any pain and discomfort.

Only Dr. Moguel is able to achieve this feat due to his extensive experience with dental implants. With more than dental implants placed, he has mastered his favorite dental implant without surgery technique in Los Algodones to ensure his patients receive the dental implants they desire while experiencing almost no pain or discomfort pre and post their dental implant treatment.

Moguel understands that you will have a plethora of options in Los Algodones for a dental implants clinic, but you will rarely receive the direct attention, patient care, and minimal discomfort that he provides you with not matter how cheaper other dentists may be.

Tooth loss is usually the byproduct of decay, trauma, and gum disease; however, it can also stem from certain cancers as well as general wear and tear as well. Moguel provides with specific treatment that is best suited for your needs. When you combine affordable dental implant treatments, a world-renowned specialist, and a dental implants center of excellence you can only expect to receive first-class care at an affordable cost.

With the experience and trajectory that Dr. Moguel has, you can only expect the very best dental implants expert in Los Algodones. With an unprecedented level of expertise, Dr. Mogule provides you with exceptional and world-class dental implants! Missing teeth can cause coronary artery disease, diabetes, and other problems that can affect your physical health.

Fortunately, Dr. Moguel has provided a variety of options for restoring your smile, improving tooth function, and boosting your self-esteem. In simple terms, dental implants are surgical procedures whereby a dentist replaces a tooth root with a screw-like titanium post, which is then fitted with a crown to improve tooth function and appearance.

They are also a great alternative to a dental bridge, which requires shaping and contouring adjacent teeth before the device can be placed. Also, the titanium post that makes up the dental implant provides a stronger foundation for false teeth when compared to a dental bridge or other devices. Further, the titanium post used in the dental implant is not prone to slipping.

And unlike your natural teeth, the rest of the materials used in the implant are not prone to decay.We have given the highest quality care in cosmetic and general dentistry to American visitors for many years. Our Team a are very passionate about their careers in the field of dentistry and they have gathered a group of professional people that are qualified, experienced and above all, they share their passion for their career putting always the customer first.

We are committed to understanding and meeting your needs as a patient. We take great pride in providing professional excellence, the best quality materials. Our technology allows us to be more accurate and efficient with your dental care, which enables us to provide the best dentistry at an affordable cost to you.

We want to make your experience as pleasant as possible. In my opinion, Gentle dental should be the second name of Baja dental. High graded treatment with gentle dental care and very cost effective.

Edgar thank you we have become very good friends. Very friendly staff with sincere advice. This clinic makes sure that if a treatment is not suitable for you the Dr.

My treatment cost was within my budget. I had 14 extractions, 8 crowns, 1 root canal and upper lower partials. For a while I was looking to have my dental treatment done however in Canada the cost of treatment that was given by my dentist was outrageous.

After searching online a few clinics, I came across Baja and I am happy to say I made the right decision. Joana was the main point of contact who explained patiently and answered all my queries regarding my dental treatment.

This was really important for me because a good price and good dental treatment go both hands in hands.

My day in Los Algodones Mexico

This clinic took care of me from the day first, booked hotel 15 days for me at their own cost, had transport for me for travelling back and forth from hotel to clinic everything was simply the best.

All my initial dental nervousness disappeared in no time. Rene I want to thank you for being just a great person and driving me back and forth from hotel to clinic whenever needed. Thank you Joana, the owner of Bajaorilia, dr. It was simply the best, to be honest I have no words how grateful I am. Thank you for everything. Work experience in dental laboratory in fixed prosthesis. He is also specialist in cosmetic dental treatments. She is one of our Cosmetic Dentist in Baja Dental and has been treating in the office since He has been treating patients in our office since Clinics are receiving enquiries, communicating with patients and arranging their future bookings.

Learn more.Serving the community since Sonia Edeza. It is seven miles west of the city of Yuma, AZ. Traveling on I-8 take Calif. Access to the community is very easy.

You may park on the USA side and walk less then 1 block or park in one of the attended parking lots in the town. Los Algodones offers a wide variety of curio shops, pharmacies, open air cafes, medical doctors, health professionals, optical dispensaries and a large number of dentists providing quality services and specialized treatments at a cost savings that makes your trip worth while.

Businesses appreciate the support of the visitors and hold several events and activities for all to enjoy.

Dr Nahum Perez Hernandez

American citizens must present their passport or passport card in order to enter into the U. Children age 18 and under will need to present a birth certificate, naturalization certificate or a passport. Do not worry if your Spanish is not up to par as most of the businesses have employees that are fluent in English. Los Algodones is recognized by the American government as a safe community for tourists. It is a small community of medical professionals catering to snowbirds and seniors.

It has been said that Los Algodones is a safe as Disneyland. Business Services. Dental Services. Dental Specialists. Medical Services. Alamo Dental. Apolonia Dental.

Fine Quality.

dr cochran los algodones

Venus Dentistry. Guillermo Marquez Reyes. Sani Dental. Vivant Smile Design.

dr cochran los algodones

California's Dental Care. Medi Plaza. Nava Dental. Pablo A Luna. The Art of A Smile. Valenzuela Dental. Zambrano Dental. Desert Dental. Simply Dental.Beautiful new office located on 2nd Street between A and B just after you cross the border. State of the Art equipment and excellent service. It is an office that offers dental services we have an excellent environment that makes them feel at home.

Throwback to my birthday with my friends in the office, good times! Thank you for coming and trusting me with my work! Thank you Steve for trusting my work and being patient with me. Thank you. Happy new year to all my clients, wish you all a wonderful year. Thank you all for your support that you gave to me. I hope to see you again soon and happy new year!

Affordable Yet Upscale

Thanks to our new patient Bernard from Kentucky. Thank you Diane D. Thanks to our new patient "Jose" for counting on us. We will see you guys in a few months. Welcome to D. Hernan Salazar dentistry practice that offers comprehensive dental treatment to meet your entire general and specialty dentistry needs in a friendly and inviting atmosphere. Open Monday to Saturday and Sundays with appointment only.

dr cochran los algodones

It consists of a large group of qualified specialists to provide excellent treatment. We provide our patients with the finest quality care in dentistry, creating an integral treatment to satisfy their personal needs.

Found you on Facebook. You did an incredible job for my wife Carole and me. Thank you! I was in a car accident in and lost teeth. A snap in partial was made and I have never wanted a dentist to mess with it.

I had a problem with a tooth that it was snapped in to and had to make a tough decision. Dennis made several calls to the lab and assured me that she could re-make the partial so the it would be nicer and still fit. I put my trust in her and I'm glad I did. Dennis is an amazing dentist! Thank you!!! Thanks ken! Videos mostrar todas. S Hernan Salazar Calle 1ra. Erick Escobedo Cha and Dr. Jazmin Sanchez Diaz. Camacho Mariano Ma. Lee Los Algodones, We provide our patients with the finest quality care in dentistry, creating an integral treatment to satisfy their personal needs.In taking this action, we hope to limit the spread of the coronavirus among our valued patients.

Know that we care for each and every one of you and are looking forward to better and healthier days ahead. Sincerely, Cochran Dental Team. Happy Mouth Dental gives you "The care your mouth deserves" with every visit you make. We are a dental clinic that offer the most up-to-date cosmetic dental techniques, come and experience a great service. He has been serving the community of Los Algodones, Baja California and the region since the early 90's.

We are a dental studio specialized in restoring functionality and aesthetics into your smile without over investing. This clinic is run by Dr. Viviana Arvayo, she has an excellent team of employees and experience of over 18 years providing dental health in this area. Complete Dental Care is committed to provide excellent and modern dentistry to all of our patients.

Cochran Dental. Dentistas cercanos. Elio Zamaniego A Av. Dental Office Dr. Leonardo Vazquez A, ave. Best Dental Care 3rd Street Suite 2. Between Ave. A and International St. Full Upper Rehab with zirconia crowns. Upper and Lower Rehab with zirconia crowns. Otros Dentistas en Los Algodones mostrar todas. Happy Mouth Dental Av.

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